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You may not notice that shoe lace actually plays important role on how comfortable your feet are while you are walking, running, and jumping. There are several popular lacing techniques; each affects how the shoes fit your feet. People with heel problems, narrow/wide feet or forefoot, or any combination of those have different approach on lacing their shoes. Another consideration is style. Shoe lace comes in many different colors and length. Besides for the comfort factor, the lace complements shoe designs as well. Some shoes do not have lace at all in favor of the more streamlined Velcro, Clutch Reel System, or other alternatives. However, it does not necessarily mean that shoe lace is outdated. It is still stylish in many ways albeit a little bit less practical. With Zubits Magnetic Lacing Solution, you can get the conventionally appealing shoe lace without all its impracticality.

Imagine having a nice-looking lace configuration but without the tying, knots, floppy bows, double knots, or lace coming undone anymore. A Zubits Magnetic Lacing Solution consists of two magnetic units. Each unit opens into two separate magnetic parts, fitted to the upper three rows of shoelaces. A pair of shoes requires two Zubits. Instead of having to tie and untie the lace anytime you want to wear the shoe or take it off, you can easily snap shut the Zubits for perfect fit. The magnets are strong enough to keep Zubits closed even during vigorous sport activities.



  • Pros: easy to use and it works on any shoe lace configuration. There is no floppy bow, giving the shoes cleaner look which goes well with any pair of trousers. You can take the magnets off and fit them to another pair of shoes if needs be.
  • Cons: finding the perfect fits can be quite tricky. When you need to make the shoes tighter or a little loose, you may need to repeat the fitting process again. Zubits Magnetic Lacing Solution is made of metal, so it is probably not as flexible as you want.

Feet movements when you walk, run, jump up and down, or cycling do not generate enough force on the upper lace sections of your shoes. With that being said, Zubits Magnetic Lacing Solution is engineered to withstand vigorous movements, keeping it in closed position all the time. The magnets can hold up to 16 pounds of force. On the other hand, you can open it easily by stepping on your heel and move the feet upwards.

Every Zubits Magnetic Lacing Solution comes with a securing clip. Once you find the proper comfort and tightness, loop the lace into the clip and you are good to go. Because you open the magnets rather than the clip anytime you take off the shoes, it stays in the same place so there is no need for readjustment.


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