The Segway miniPRO is not a hoverboard; it’s the following stride in the advancement of individual transportation. With the highest standards of electrical and fire safety requirements, it is the first personal transporter to become UL 2272 Certified.

A few transporters, including hover boards, have earned for being flame perils. The miniPRO is the principal transporter to be thoroughly tried and ensured to meet the most astounding principles of electrical and flame security necessities set by Underwriter Laboratories (UL).

The great Segway handlebars have been contracted down to an unmistakable knee-high “guiding bar” jabbing up from the fundamental stage. It’s likewise preferred worked over most hover boards with thick tires and a generous feeling stage to remain upon.

Segway miniPRO

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Specs of Segway Minipro:

  • Segway miniPRO is fueled by Ninebot innovation.
  • The miniPRO is a free hand, two-wheel electric bike with more secure components, higher velocities, and more battery life.
  • The miniPRO is worked to effectively navigate an assortment of indoor and outside territories.


Yet, while it might resemble an old-school Segway, the miniPro’s weight point of confinement is more traditionalist – 220 pounds (100 kg) versus 260 pounds (118 kg). While most hoverboard are controlled by inclining with your feet, just the miniPro is supplemented by the guiding bar which makes better control conceivable. You hold the controlling bar over your knee and incline left or right to turn. It’s anything but difficult to turn 360 degrees on the spot accordingly.

The Power of the Segway miniPRO

  • 10 Mph

Battery Range:

  • 800 Watt

Segway pro is very simple and easy to ride.  You needn’t bother with hours of practice to ace the miniPRO. We utilize many years of joined industry learning to streamline the miniPRO riding background. The ergonomic configuration uses accuracy sensors to catch your body’s developments and keep up your equalization. The knee control bar permits you to guide more effectively and more correctly than two-wheeled hover boards.

Bluetooth Phone App:

Antitheft security. Driven light customization. Firmware overhauls. These are only a portion of the elements that the telephone application permits you to use with the miniPRO. You can even move the unit without riding it by means of the remote control capacity! The versatile application is essential to the miniPRO experience. When you finish the short rider instructional exercise, you access the majority of the custom components.

Street Adaptive:

The miniPRO is built to handle numerous sorts of open air and indoor landscapes. The double engine motor can undoubtedly navigate 15° inclines and handle different street conditions without giving up wellbeing and strength. The 3.5″ undercarriage and 10.5″ pneumatic, air-filled tires give military-grade stun imperviousness to adequately smooth out knocks and assimilate vibrations while you ride.

It pays to remember that the guiding bar is “live” when controlled on, and should not be utilized to consistent yourself while getting on unless you need to be flung off. Rather you have to venture on one of the cushions, listen for the beep and afterward precisely lift your other foot onto it. It takes a little practice; however, dislike adjusting on a bicycle as the cushions are curiously delicate. You may wind up hurrying back and forward marginally when you stop just to keep your equalization.

While it’s bolted to 4 mph (6.4 km/h) for the principal kilometer, it’s equipped for a potential top rate of 10 mph (16.1 km/h). Be that as it may, the gadget is intended to back you off route before that and it does this by tenderly inclining in reverse. The hoverboard beeps and advises you when you’re going “too quick” which we found was around the 6 to 7 mph mark (10 km/h).

You can go to the official website to learn more about this personal transporter.

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