The contemporary trend of bringing up your health concerns and merging it with fashion is the core theme behind this newly designed device called QARDIO. This is actually a high technology based heart care device comprised of three different components: Qardioarm, Qardiobase and Qardiocore.


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The very basic and stylish of all is qardioarm. The qardioarm is consisting of just a smart cuff and a software application on your mobile phone. Once you connect to the software, you can set it up the way you like and put your details in the program for a regular and classy blood pressure check-up. It is similar to that stethoscope and cuff based blood pressure monitoring. And if you would ask for its distinctive features from other commonly used devices, then get yourself ready to be aware with some astonishing characteristics of it.

1. It will tell you of your systolic and diastolic pressures separately, so you would never confuse among them.

2. It will tell you of your pulse rate as well.

3. It will guide you of your results with different colour zones from normal to the variable degrees of hypertension.

4. The story doesn’t end here, it will make a graphical representation of your weekly data so you can analyse your health even before your doctor.

5. It will compare your data to the standard values given by WHO. These were just medically related luxurious explained above. More to come;

6. It costs only $99 from you.

7. The device is portable, means you can take it anywhere along with you.

8. The results can be saved as your record and can easily be shared through emails.

9. The device is medically sophisticated and designed to give accurate records. The device is so light weighted and modern that you will end up enjoying taking care of your heart.



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This qardio device is not specific to hypertensive patients. It can be used by every person of every age. The qardiobase is so designed for people who are more concerned to their body weight and shape. It will provide you with a complete bodily calculations which includes, body weight, body mass index(BMI), % body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and even your body’s fluid composition. And if you are wondering for its authenticity and firmness, let me tell you it can measure body weight within a range of 5-180 kg.

The qardiobase is the most stylish weighing machine designed so far. Its glass top and ABS bottom base make it to be fitted with any piece of furniture in your room.

Some antique features of qardiobase are:

1. It is portable, light weighted, medically authentic and stylish.

2. It can recognize upto 10 members and record each and everyone’s data solitary. Whenever you will step up on it, it will greet you with your name and your previous records so you could start from where u left.

3. It will not only show the figured values but will also give you smileys in accordance to your results.

4. The device can be connected to your qardio app via Bluetooth and wifi, so as to sync data there.

5. The most special feature of qardiobase is its pregnancy mode. Have you ever thought your weighing machine could be able to do this much for you?

The mother-to-be can check her weight and other measures regularly to get a healthy pregnancy period. This qardiobase would turn to a motivator and helper too after her postpartum phase. You can get all the fancy techniques in just $149.99.



This last component of qardio device is the smartest of all. This digital device is here to freed heart patients from hectic and frustrating ECG recording segments. The company feels the pain of ECG patients of being wrapped up by wires and leads and encounter the sufferings intermittently. So they designed a wireless, leadless technique to help heart patients in their rough phase. The qardiocore will provide you with:

1. Your continuous live ECG recording.

2. Your body temperature.

3. Your heartrate along with certain variations.

4. Your respiratory rate.

5. And your body response to different everyday stresses.

Being compatible to your ios and wireless services, it can help you sync data and records. The authentic graphical representation, along with other core measurements, when shared with your doctor, can give a healthy heart life. One of its best features is that it can help you out for two straight days without even charging issues.


These miraculously stunning devices will help ease your life in almost all medical aspects. Besides their physiological significance in your life, they are stylish and trendy too. Now you can be aware of your bodily changes on regular basis. The smart bp apparatus, qardioarm; the portable and fashionable weighing machine, qardiobase; and the award winning ECG device, qardiocore, they are all you need to have a basic balance check in your routinely life.

This super fantastic collection of above mentioned items are available online too, where you can check details and have a reliable dealing experience as well. You can access to the site for further details.

How to order Qardio products:

Just go to the official website, you can learn more details about their products and follow the instructions to make your order online. You can also order them through Amazon for free shipping service.

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