Luma wifi service is a brand new internet service with all the smart and unique features you need to have for a comfortable networking. It is actually based on three smart and fancy devices which you can put at the place of your choice, wherever it is suitable at your office, institute and house etc. All it wants from you is just to download its application and then it will guide you where to place them over at your house and even in office.  It is not only the fastest ever networking that it is provided with, but a reliable or promising service,  accessibility to every corner of your building and the most important of all it is specially designed to have a  built-in protective program setup against hackers and other external damages.


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Unique Features of Luma WiFi:

The lumawifi is not just a wifi ,its something beyond that. Its uniqueness includes;

1. Remotely handled wifi regulations:

If you have a wifi service at your home and even at your place of work you don’t need to control it by indulging with its cables and switches. This latest technology is already provided with a remote controller ,so you can switch it on from wherever u want and even reboot it without any  physical efforts.

2. Smart Parental control:

The advancement of this era is surely introducing us with new dimensions of global world but at the same time it is exposing us to the dirt and vulgarism too. If you want to have a check on what your kids are doing on internet,what they are watching and to which sites they are accessing on their ipads and laptops etc. Believe me this product is the most appropriate one for you, as it is specifically designed for your house holds.It can allow you to block certain sites on your children’s devices. Moreover you can instantly see it on your screen what your kid is watching right at the moment, and even it will ask for your permission if your baby is trying to access to any site. Can you expect these tricky features from just a simple wifi device? I don’t think you ever did so.

3. Easily governable switching:

Another incomparable quality of Lumawifi is that you can regulate when to switch it on and off. It is not necessary to havean internet availability during lunch time,or you think wifi is consuming your family time as well. So just pause it off for a while and save your internet minutes smartly.

4. An affordable trio:

The Lumawifi will be delivered to your house along with its 3 gorgeous devices and cables. And these all will cost you nothing more than just $399. Isn’t it like a Christmas gift?

5. Built-in hacker protection:

This intelligent device will automatically save your network from being hacked and injured. It will clean up extra connections itself too. The built in program will allow you to just enjoy networking and forget about all the damages to come your way.

Pros and Cons:

As every product, along with its significant characteristics has few failings too. You might encounter minor flaws in it, but all is well when ends well. It may be seemed frustrating in the beginning, but when you will start to get its benefits all the frustration will be converted to excitement

This super fantastic collection of above mentioned items are available online too, where you can check details and have a reliable dealing experience as well. You can access to the site for further details.

At this moment there may be other wifi products being launched up at the market. But if you need a smart and completely up to date wifi system, far beyond a router, Luma wifi is the best option you could ever have.


In this globalized and socialized world where you need to be updated all the time. The Luma wifi service gives an elegant yet intelligent networking service choice from kids to parents, house holders to business workers and either from students to professionals. It has something unique for all of them. This trio devised system only asks you to download its application and the rest of it will be done magically by itself. Its fast and hindrance free accessing, affordable price, private parental control, remotely operated services and automatic hacker filtering actions will leave you shocked and flabbergasted at once.

How to Order Luma Wifi:

You can buy this product at their official website For a better way, you can go to to order it for a free shipping.