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There are plenty of small essential yet seemingly unimportant things we tend to overlook in the house; drain strainer is no exception. In every room in the house where large volume of water is often used, such as kitchen, bathroom and garage, drain strainer is the first line of defense against clogging. It filters dirt, debris, hair, and basically all non water-soluble physical objects from water, preventing them from entering the drain pipe and accumulating inside the drain pipe. Proper plumbing makes sure your house and water supply remains hygienic for everyone to use. Bathroom drain is most likely problematic due to hair and soap residue. This new revolutionary tub drain protector, is properly designed not only to catch all physical objects including hair, but also for easy removal and cleaning.


All drain strainers probably look the same to everyone, but each has its own unique design to prevent non water-soluble materials from entering drain pipe. Some offer large filter, while others give finer straining capabilities to allow only water to pass through. Fine filter catches almost all potential obstructions, but there is always a possibility that the obstructions block the flow of water; the result is slow draining process, requiring you remove the strainer and clean anything it catches after every shower. A major design flaw in many (if not most) drain strainers is the way they attach to the drain. They typically cover the entire drain hole, leaving only small areas for water to pass through.


On the other hand, the Drain Protector actually goes inside the drain opening and fits any standard drain pipe size up to 1.5-inch diameter. Overall form factor is quite tall, allowing its top trim to stay few centimeters above floor level. When you first put it into the drain opening, you may think that it does not fit because the top trim is hanging; it is not design flaw because the tops trim is indeed designed to not touch your bathroom floor. The hanging top trim provides easy access for installation and removal as well as cleaning. Underneath the top trim, the design looks like a small perforated pipe so most parts function as filter.


  • Pros: nearly all parts function as filter. Perforated design also allows for better filtering without the risk of slow draining. Top trim provides easy access for installation and removal. There is no need to screw and unscrew any bolt at all. You can also use it in a kitchen sink.
  • Cons: top rim design is user-friendly, but you will want to use the strainer if the drain opening is in plain sight. Because top rim protrudes from the floor, you need to be more careful in the bathroom or shower room.