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Getting your car stuck in the snow or mud is never a pleasing experience, even for off-roaders who intentionally drive through such road surface in difficult terrain. Forcing the vehicle to move by stepping deeper on the throttle pedal only buries the wheels even deeper. If you’re lucky, somebody will tow you out; in circumstances where nobody else is around, the only person who can help is yourself. Building a track is possible using some logs, so is winching. If you don’t have the resources for those, however, at least you can count on a pair Trac-Grabber.

For a tire to move, it needs traction from road surface. Snow, sand, or mud creates traps for any heavy vehicle; driving on ice is still possible despite minimum traction because at least your wheels will not get stuck in it. Trac-Grabber, in its essence, is a traction aid made of heavy-duty rectangular block of rubber, strap, and metal loop. If you’ve used snow-chains before, you should get the idea of how Trac-Grabber works. The biggest difference is that Trac-Grabber is much easier to use.

The rubber block protrudes from an otherwise round-shaped wheel, giving additional traction for the wheel to climb out of a pothole or deep snow. A pair of Trac-Grabbers comes in a zipper bag that you can leave all the time in the trunk.

  • Pros: made of heavy duty materials that do not seem to break in years. One Trac-Grabber should be enough to get you moving again; two Trac-Grabbers work even better. The design is simple and it does not take much space to store.
  • Cons: during off-road drive where the terrain is designed to bring difficulties, you may need to use one Trac-Grabber for each wheel. This is not actually a downside on the product; as far as providing traction is concerned, Trac-Grabber works well.


You must remember that you are not going to use Trac-Grabber on a daily basis, unless you travel through muddy road everyday of the year. This is why you need to familiarize with how it works and installation. Practice is necessary to make sure you are ready in times you need it to perform. The package contains 2 Trac-Grabbers. Although in most cases you only need one, it is best to be prepared for the unfortunate event of driving through thick snow or muddy road full of potholes. You can use each on one wheel, but it is also possible to strap both on a single wheel as well.

Trac-Grabber rotates with the wheel. Upon impact with surface, the rubber block gives additional traction and bite the surface to help the car get out of a hole. On thick snow, the rubber will dig down and clear the snow beneath the tire, giving fresh surface to bite into. You can consider this a lever placed between wheel and road surface; as you gently step on the throttle pedal, it helps lift the wheel up.


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