Mobile phones have become a basic necessity in this era. You keep giving promises to your phones that you will take care of its batteries now. No matter which phone you have either it is Android or IPhone you will end up looking for a charging to resume your bond with your phone. Suddenly those favorite playlists, important calls, basic reminders all will come to your mind. So how is it to bring a stylish solution of this problem? Modern techniques have come up with many methods like portable batteries and battery cases but the surprising among all are the chargers enabled to your personal vehicles and cars.

Here comes the solution:

These chargers magically take energy from your cars and use it to relive your phones. This charging method eventually solves the problem of limited charging which you get from portable batteries every now and then, so as to make sure that you are not down with mobile battery while travelling with you.

Below is the list of best ever smartphones car charges which will blow your mind with their wizard features.

  1. AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger for Apple and Android Devices


If you are among those who love to have precious things without investing much on them, you are on right track to your search. This smart, small sized, light weighted portable charger device is just $9.99. This amazon product is specially designed for reliability and great performance. It is provided with two 2.0 amp USB ports which allow you to charge multiple devices at one time without any compromise on its speed and quality. Moreover, any kind of phone either i0s, android or even amazon’s own phone can be charged with this charger at full pace. It has an LED indicator too which can show either the device is connected to your phone properly or not. You can also charge your tablet and phone at the same time. And these all will be given with one-year full guarantee.

However, some users’ complains about slow charging at android pones and issues related to disconnect the device.

  1. Moshi Car Charger Duo with Lightning Cable


This company is an expert in designing smartphone accessories, so here it is not needed to explain reliability and quality of car charger cable. This device sets a style statement and rejoices your i0s with its super powers with an original charging speed as the home apple cable provides. Not too high or either low. The charging cable is adorned with an LED lightning feature too which will assure you to see in the dark. It also has a built in charging managing design that protects your phones from being over charged. Moshi’s revolt duo car charger enables you to charge your phone on backseat too because of its long wire and these all with cost nothing more than just $44.95. The 2 USB ports where a perk is for few, some however want it to have more port options.

  1. Belkin MIXIT Car Charger with USB Port (2.1 Amp Version)


c3Belkin’s very first attractive feature is its range of colors which make it to be eye catching. It is $4 small sized device which can be easily carried everywhere and transported between other vehicles throughout your day. This popular brand offers the device in 2.1 and 1-amp version. Meanwhile the drawbacks include single charging port, tricky device removal process and only a single year warranty.

  1. Anker 40W 5-Port USB Car Charger with PowerIQ Technology


Want to go on a family long drive? Now you can go without any stresses of draining phone batteries because of this multi-port car charging device. The long cables provide an easy and comfortable charging while on the backseats, so kids can enjoy their games for hours.

The best among feature is that it can recognize the connected device and can adjust charging setup accordingly, and this magic will be done by its power IQ technology. It allows safe charging experience to your phone. One more surprising fact is its price which can make you feel like they are giving it on bonus. The price is just $19.99.

The problems related to this device are somewhat like limited color availability, tangled long wires, no compatibility with iPod nano, iPod Classic, HP TouchPad, Dell Venue 11 Pro, and Asus tablets.

  1. Incase Mini Car Charger with Integrated Lightning Connector


This connector seems to be a bonus for I phone users because it is enabled to iPhone 6 precisely but can also connect other i0s devices. It has standard 12 volt ports along with cigarette lighter. The other features include long wire cables, lightning cable mode, built in circuit design for protection from being over charged and under charged. It will cost $24.95 which is reasonable enough to grasp one immediately.

This super fantastic collection of above mentioned items are available online too, where you can check details and have a reliable dealing experience as well. You can access to these sites for further details.