Almost everyone is fond of long drives in the dark and if you are a teenager you must be passionate of fast driving in long roads too. Nowadays traffic issues are something like the most terrific thing you have encountered whole day long. It is however not a considerable issue for common office going people, but individuals like commercial drivers and daily commuters are concerned to these problems like anything substantial.

The car dash cam won’t be saving you from hit and run cases or auto collision incidents but it can be helpful as a prove of your innocence and can save your time and money too. Its highly technical features in a low affordable price will let regular drivers to fall for one.

  1. KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dashboard Camcorder


The KDLINKS X1 is the best option for you if you want a convenient, stylish and top quality dash cam for your car. It has a great 165° lens which can offerfull HD video of 1080p at 30 fps. Don’t get worried about its resolution power at night, it has f1.6 Six-Glass model with Wide Dynamic Resolution (WDR) technology. And this all is provided in lowest possible price so you can get benefit from it without any worry of emptying your pocket so much. Along with the high quality results it has got magnificent resolution power which can even show you license plate from a large distance, and the big screen is always there to offer an instant playback in emergencies. Some other classical features include:

  • Continuous data recording.
  • Looping of the oldest data when there is a space issue.
  • The built in sensor can recognize accidents and other incidents and save the recordings for being looped up in future too.
  • Built in conversion of data into video clips.
  • KDLINKS Player software to locate your car, if ever stolen.
  • 12V cigarette lighter.
  • 8GB micro SD card.

This all comes in just$169.95, however some users complain about small storage and internal battery issues.

  1. Spy Tec G1W-C


It is among the top competitors of any car dash cam brand. It offers all the core features significant for a dash cam while lacking a few of extra capabilities. The low priced G1W-C offers full HD 1080p recording, with a 120° WDR picture and it is free from recording a shaking video. It has built in recording locker which saves oldest data too, and you can also trigger your data manually for other purposes. Its core characteristics include:

  • SD card compatibility of up to 64GB.
  • Built in Playback software which can replay your video.
  • It has anti shaking video recording and offers a clear and helpful playback.
  • Big 2.7inch LCD screen.
  • It comes in battery powered and capacitor modeled version, enabling you to choose what the best appropriate option for you is.
  • Affordable price of only $61.95.

The Spy Tec G1W-C is a low priced typical car dash cam which offers to you to enjoy most features but It has few drawbacks too which includes; external power supply demand, not internal memory card and large size etc.

  1. Garmin Dash Cam 20


This beautifully designed camera is compact and reliable for long drives because of its great battery life. It has smart built in features for long data storage from 4 GB micro SD card can be swapped for an SD card of up to 32 GB. Additionally, 1080p clear resolution, instant snapshots power, built in long battery, MAC software enabled GPS force and huge LCD on $154.67 is something like a complete package.

  1. LOPOO Mini Wireless Car Recorder


This classy wireless device is a car dash cam with best features of continuous long recordings, 150° viewing angled high quality camera, smart aluminum alloy case with magnetic connectors and different software enabled super powers. It has great storage with external SD card provided along with it and not even asks you for a power supply to charge, it has got its own batteries.

  1. ZeroEdge Wide Angle Dash Cam


This cam is popular for its best features at lowest rates. It has 16 GB SD card, 1080p quality camera which captures 135°angled clear and amazing footages. The2.4-inch screen is there to play an instant footage from recorded playbacks. It is so sophisticated that it can sense bumping and unusual vibrations too. It has a graceful setup based on 4 buttons to control with long lasting batteries and a time lapse mode, enabling you to have an eye on car while you are distant.