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Human biology is an intriguing wonder. It works without us even realizing it, yet every single part ensures that everything we eat and drink leaves nothing but useful nutrients from which the entire body can utilize. As the final part, defecation gets rid of the residues. Over the course of civilization since thousands of years ago, people have been trying to find better ways to have bowel movement in more dignified positions. Natural squatting position has been abandoned since long ago, and replaced with the more comfortable toilet design which requires us to simply sit down; most regard this as the more civilized way. Believe it or not, in squat position, your colon and anus work better for defecation, and this is where Squatty Potty comes in.

Squatty Potty is an accessory for any typical toilet and placed underneath the toilet bowl. It looks like a tiny table from a toy set; instead of using it to keep your smartphones, newspaper, or portable game console dry when you are in the bathroom, you use Squatty Potty as platform for your feet. The main purpose is to get your posture in proper squatting position without altering toilet design.

  • Pros: the simplest way to improve colon health. It helps eliminate fecal matter from the metabolism system without using medications of any sort. There is no side effect. Ergonomic design keeps the bathroom organized.
  • Cons: Squatty Potty is made of hard plastic. While most people will find the material strong enough to support their feet, more rigid material such as wood or metal should make the overall construction sturdier. Also, the surface is not covered with non-slippery material.

The science behind Squatty Potty is actually quite simple. The rectum is slightly pinned by a fiber called Poborectalis muscle. It forms some sort of sling most of the times to inhibit defecation. Located and operating in the lower rectum, the muscle keeps stool in the colon; relaxation of Poborectalis increases the angle between rectum and anus (wider angle means open passageway for easier defecation). When you are sitting down, the muscle is not in relaxed state. The toilet design that we know today keeps the muscle contracting.

Squatty Potty is simple yet effective piece of bathroom furniture to help achieve squatting position by elevating feet and legs. Natural squatting is not particularly comfortable position after several minutes. On the other hand, you may need more than that to finish your business. With its curved-back design, you can slide it underneath the toilet bowl when you are done, keeping the bathroom tidy.


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