Bell + Howell is a trustworthy, extremely fast growing brand name in the flashlight industry, which is recognized best for their high quality goods and service since last decade. They manufacture numerous flashlights for the army and law enforcement. However, this tactical flashlight, introduced by, works perfect for personal utilizes as well.

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This is a darn great flashlight, particularly considering the value which it comes having 2 rechargeable batteries as well as the charger. Construction quality is nearly superb and also the light is extremely vibrant. Five light modes – high, medium, low, strobe, and also SOS – provide fantastic versatility for hiking, camping, tactical, utility, and residential use.

The flashlight is impressive. The charger is Okay and functional although not the best. The 18650 battery is really a powerhouse, even though not as effortlessly obtained locally like AA or AAA, however,its rechargeable nature makes it a non-issue having a little bit of advance planning. The flashlight kit arrives with an adapter to make use of 3 AAA batteries, therefore, off-the-shelf is really a supplied choice also.

Let us look into the Tactical Flashlight Kit and find out why it ought to be your next flashlight!

It’s flexible. The flashlight is an extremely flexible bit of equipment. It is light and also powerful so whether or not you enjoy your walks after dark otherwise you are camper tenting beneath the stars, this light is for you personally. I’ve used this light throughout my winter camping journey a couple of weeks back also it exceeded my expectations. I’d to reveal it to no and also intense temperatures however it usually worked just like a charm. It could also be mounted on the weapon extremely effortlessly along with its light weight and compact size, it’s an excellent choice to have.

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Key features of this Tactical Flashlight:

Awesome features. It is definitely a high-end gadget with the extremely affordable price tag. It packs in all of the features of the high-end gadget except the price!

  • Power and sturdiness. The Bell + Howell Tactical LED is really an extremely potent flashlight. The light can certainly put out optimum of 1200 lumens of light to cut with the dark. This Vibrant LED Flashlight can throw this high-intensity beam for a powerful 142+ meters so that you can have it as a search light within your pocket. Using the CREE T6 LED technologies at the middle, the flashlight performs dependably each time. The LED emitter is practically indestructible with the impressive lifespan is about 50,000+ hrs.
  • Fantastic design and also amazing build quality. The Top quality grade III aluminum along with hand anodized finish is extremely light and sturdy. The patterned grip makes the light extremely easy to carry also. The flashlight can also be impact proof if it ever falls out of your hand.
  • Numerous modes of operation. The power of a great flashlight is something, however, you do not need the high power on a regular basis. Occasionally, you’ll need a gentle source of light. Using the Smith & Wesson MP12’s dual output mode, you can utilize it as being an extremely potent light and also softer, low power long-lasting light. The flashlight operates in 5 modes High, Med, Low, and Fast Strobe SOS Signal creating 1200 lumens of sunshine. It also features a strobe light mode also. The operating time on the reduced mode is definitely an amazing 55+ hrs.

Specs of the Tactical Flashlight Kit:

  • CREE T6 LED technology: The CREE T6 LED emitter is really as potent as it’s long-lasting. Along with more than 50,000 hrs of life, it is actually unbreakable.
  • Goodpower and also long reach: The hi mode pumps out 1200 lumens of light and also having a focused LED beam, the lighting can reach on to 242+ meters.
  • Multiple modes: The can run at five intensities with a strobe performance.
  • Super compact and durable: The hand anodized lightweight aluminum body features an excellent grip and also roll resistant cap.


  • Battery Charger.
  • Compact style.
  • Durable Storage Container
  • Hard-anodized finish.
  • The impressive run time period.
  • Lightweight.
  • Multiple modes of functioning
  • Rechargeable Batteries.
  • Very inexpensive price.
  • Water resistant.
  • Zoom Functionality.


I’m a real fan of this flashlight due to affordable price and first class features. I’m not finding any con to let you know. If you discover anything comment below I’ll update the post.

It is really a very compact but potent flashlight in its class which regularly outshines the much more expensive products. I highly recommend you to get 1 on your own or a loved one. You can never make a mistake along with Bell + Howell tactical flashlight!

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