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We usually associate the term “invention” with groundbreaking technology that potentially change the way we do our everyday activities, conduct businesses, use computers, commute, or communicate. In reality, invention does not always have to correlate with complicated tasks; it can be a simple improvement of existing technologies or tools for examples TV remote control that remembers your favorite channels, voice-activated light switches, self-operated vacuum cleaner, or even a fan designed to remove odor from the toilet just like The Odorless. Popularly known from its Kickstarter campaign, The Odorless is at the same time simple and sophisticated piece of engineering invented for one purpose: to eliminate embarrassing odor from the toilet, hence more comfortable entrance experience for everyone.

The Odorless consists of two main units: the fan and control station. Each of them contains multiple parts which work together to do multiple tasks, mainly getting rid of unpleasant odors and providing ease-of-use for everybody. Fan unit is designed to resemble the shape and configuration of a jet turbine engine, generating enough suction power to draw air from toilet bowl (through the overflow vent pipe). At the tip of the fan unit, there is an Activated Charcoal Filter which does all the hard works separating clean fresh air from unseen bacteria and other gaseous odors. Microorganisms are also filtered before the fan blows clean air to the bathroom. Unlike room fragrance sprays which basically work by masking unpleasant smell, The Odorless eliminates it.


A study by the University College Dublin funded under the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Program claimed that The Odorless removes 99% of harmful bacteria and fungi from the air. Similar systems such as ventilation fan and air conditioning are designed to reduce moisture; they do not remove odor effectively.

  • Pros: instead of masking the odor with fragrances, The Odorless Toilet Fan removes unpleasant smell and microorganisms that come with it. Because it runs on battery, usage does not add to your electricity bill. Sensors make it even more convenient.
  • Cons: it can only work when your toilet has an overflow vent. Some European commodes do not have such feature, but it is standard in the U.S.

The fan unit is installed inside the toilet tank. As long as your toilet has an overflow vent and enough space to fit a soda can, The Odorless will fit without altering anything. You don’t have to call a plumber to install the unit.

Control Station is mounted on the wall and it houses the rechargeable NiMH battery, wall sensor, and proximity sensor. The fan automatically turns on to filter air once you sit on the toilet, and turns off when you stand up. Control Station also gives alerts for low battery power and filter replacement. You can turn it off completely as well. Package includes battery charger.


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