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We use tools to do a lot of things in our everyday life; spoons, lighter, money, and shoes are basically tools that help us accomplish many different tasks on daily basis. Unlike machines, however, tools still requires great deal of manual control. It is not like machines or computers that we can set to do automatic works. One of the most common tools is an adjustable wrench. You can consider this a combination of spanner and pliers to twist nuts or bolts. An adjustable wrench is a simple tool; it seems like a perfect replacement for any multiple pliers and spanners, yet it still has many rooms for improvements. The Bionic Wrench by LoggerHead Tools is a prime example of how the ubiquitous wrench can be refined to a better more effective form factor.

At a glance, Bionic Wrench is nothing like the familiar conventional adjustable wrench. The handle looks like one of pliers, but the head functions as adjustable wrench. It covers up to 8 bolts/nuts sizes from 7mm to 14mm in one tool only.

  • Pros: multi-size adjustable wrench made from heavy-duty materials. There is no adjustment wheel to use as it simply opens and grabs the bolt in instant springy action. Once the handle is tightened, all six metal pieces in the head protrude to the inside and make contact with the bolt.
  • Cons: while the handle is ergonomic, the head can be too bulky that it will not fit in tight spaces. Conventional wrench has a gap in the head so you can operate it in certain angle, but Bionic Wrench comes with closed-circular head. Because there is no adjustment wheel to lock the head into position, you also need to apply pressure while turning the bolt.

The most common problem with conventional wrench is that it actually wears out the corners of the bolts over time. Usual operation of tightening and loosening grabs each corner of the bolt to give enough metal-on-metal pressure, allowing you to easily turn the bolt in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. The design of Bionic Wrench solves the problem. Instead of grabbing only the corners, this tool actually applies pressure to the entire outer surface of the bolt. Most bolts come in hexagonal shapes, and Bionic Wrench makes contact to all six sides and applies equal amount of pressure. With more contact areas, you can turn any bolt within its size range with less effort. Even when the bolt already has one or two worn corners, Bionic Wrench can still give good grip around it.

Bionic Wrench is made from industrial grade materials and equipped with balanced spring actions for optimum control. The handle is designed to work well for both left-handed and right-handed people without losing its ergonomic feel.


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