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There will be time when your children want to sit among the grownups at the dining table. When they are no longer happy with their different-looking chairs at dinner, you will need to figure out how to please them again. Of course, the traditional way is to get another yet similar chair but slightly higher to accommodate their short torso. However, there is now an easier method thanks to Kaboost Booster Seat. Instead of purchasing another chair, you can install this little piece of tool underneath an existing chair to increase the overall height. Designed specifically to accommodate 4-legs chair, it is much more stable than just any ordinary box.

At its essence, the Booster Seat is just a base that helps to increase the height of an ordinary chair but with some little details to improve stability and ease of use. The base itself has 4 legs; all are spring-loaded so you can easily adjust the length. Each leg can stretch to about 30cm. Because it is spring loaded, it actually holds against the leg of the chair. It stays in place even when you move the chair around. Booster Seat is available in Green, Black, and Chocolate.

Pros: Booster Seat by Kaboost is an easy to use accessory for any standard 4-leg chairs. It acts as a base to increase height so children (toddlers) can enjoy their meals together with the grownups. Spring-loaded mechanism allows for easy adjustment. The fact that it has two height settings is another huge selling point as well. With maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, the base should support even big toddlers with no issues. While the manufacturer does not say anything about the materials used for the base, it seems like a durable product.
Cons: One of the biggest cons is that the base will make the chair looks considerably taller than the other chairs at the dining table. This is indeed the point, but some children may notice the difference and do not like it. Rubberized bottom is good to prevent the chair from sliding, but some people may find that the traction between rubber and flooring material is too strong that it does not allow the chair to slide easily.
Another good thing is that you can use the base upside down. On one side, it adds about 4.5-inch of height and 3.75-inch on the other. The inner side of the base (the parts where it makes contact with chair legs) is rubberized. It is also rubberized at the bottom so it does not easily slide around. You can use Booster Seat on chair with either square or round legs. When not in use, Booster Seat legs will spring back to its initial position, making it more compact. It is foldable as well to save space in storage.


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