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Unless you are a professional chef, chances are you cannot cut carrots and onions in an impressive precision as you can see done by cooks on TV. Chopping or cutting with a knife is one those things where skills and accuracy are more important than power. Properly made and sharpened blade can cut through a thick chunk of meat with a single slice; unfortunately it can also do the same thing to your fingers. You need to have control over the blade in your hand, so you can steer it smoothly, allowing the sharp edge to make contact with anything but yourself. This is why you can more easily use pizza cutter than any conventional knife to cut through the round open pie. Imagine a kitchen knife shaped like a pizza knife, and you get this Unique Circular Rolling Knife.

As the name suggests, this rolling knife is equipped with a blade that rotates as you move it in forward and backward movement for chopping. Unlike traditional kitchen knife with wooden or metal handle on its back, this Unique Circular Rolling Knife covers half of its circular blade with a plastic handle. Your hands are always on top of the blade, holding the knife down for easier cutting and slicing with precision. If a pizza knife still has a handle on the back for steering, this circular rolling knife has a handle that covers the top part of the circular blade. The outer edge of the circular blade is very sharp, and the entire blade rotates along the circumference of the handle.

Ergonomic design does not end at the shape and handle. While rotating blade is easier and effortless to use, you may still need to use it for chopping a big potato, fruit, or hard vegetables. For this purpose, you need a steady blade instead of a rotating one, and this is where the locking trigger comes in. The small trigger is located neatly in a place where your index finger naturally rests. Once pulled, it stops the blade from rotating for steadier more powerful chopping. You can disassemble the knife, separating the cover/handle with the blade for easier cleaning. The package also includes fingers protector utensil to prevent this knife (or any other knife) to keep your fingers safe when cutting vegetables.

  • Pros: innovative design to make cutting, slicing, chopping, and mincing easier. It can rotate smoothly, and act as chopping blade when the locking mechanism is engaged. The handle is ergonomic with patterned thumb rest to prevent slipping.
  • Cons: the only major issue is that the blade can be difficult to sharpen with electric knife sharpener. However, you can always use manual sharpener or sharpening stone. Use a protective covering on your hand when holding the knife for sharpening.


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