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Unless you don’t have a pet, you may never think about how inconvenient regular gloves are for grooming or bathing dogs, cats, horses, or any furry pets. Regular gloves are often designed as protective wear to cover your hands from potential exposure to paint, electricity, chemicals, or toxic substances. For grooming pets, you need a different type of gloves. In addition to provide protection for the wearer, grooming gloves also make sure that the pets are comfortable. HandsOn Gloves, originally created by Jay Michaelson for his horses, are now available for purchase and it turns out that the gloves also work well for smaller pets.

The basic form factor of HandsOn is similar to that of any typical gloves in the market. It wraps your hands, provides free movement of all 5 fingers, and secures everything with Velcro strap. The distinguishing features become more apparent when you look at the palm areas. If other gloves are smooth, HandsOn has plenty of protruding bits that look like warts. The inner sides of fingers also feature the same things.

  • Pros: effective to catch animal hair during grooming or bathing with just gentle strokes. Nodules are not too pointy for animal skin. It is available in 3 different sizes; small medium, and large to fit everybody’s hands. Small and flexible enough to fit a pocket.
  • Cons: the gloves catch a lot of animal hair but it does not stick to the material. It can be an advantage indeed, but it is probably better if the gloves have a little bit of stickiness characteristics to prevent the hair from flying all around wearer.


The shell is made of 100% nylon, the coating is constructed from 100% surgical grade nitrile rubber and the nodules are PVC. HandsOn gloves are latex-free and hypoallergenic as well. All the protruding parts are designed to catch animal hair when you groom them, both dry and wet.

Because the gloves are still flexible and soft enough, the pets will not have the common anxiety triggered by traditional brush. Grooming becomes more enjoyable for you and comfortable for your pets. If needs be, you can try giving deeper scrubbing action to maneuver more easily and promote healthier hair.

Velcro straps keep your hands clean even after prolong grooming or bathing. Despite the bulky appearance, HandsOn gloves are lightweight and flexible; it does not crack even when frequently exposed to water. These gloves catch hair, but it does not stick easily so you can clean them simply by washing and air-dry for some minutes.


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