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Creativity knows no boundary. In every single one of us, there is at least a little inventive being that’s constantly forced to come up with ideas and actions to face many challenges in everyday situations including in the kitchen. For example, we know vinegar is acidic and it has strong cleaning properties; therefore, we avoid buying readily-available chemical cleaner in favor of the more natural solution. You know the pan on the burning stove is hot, and since the oven mitt is nowhere to be found, a piece of cardboards will do. Sometimes somebody else comes up with a brilliant idea to solve common difficulties and shares it with others, just like Jokari with its Hands-Free Baggy Opener.

Jokari is a Texas-based company which actually owns the rights to manufacture the popular 1970’s Paddleball Game Set with the same name as the company. There have been a lot of products and inventions made by the company; one of the latest is a kitchen gadget called Baggy Opener.

The idea behind Baggy Opener is simple: it can be difficult to pour a soup or several pounds of marinated meat into a plastic bag without help. You typically grab the pan or pot with one hand, and hold the plastic bag open with the other. It may not sound too difficult, but it can be real hassle especially when you have to pour a considerable volume of soup, leftover, or what have you. Using baggy opener is like having another pair of hands to hold the freezer bag open.


  • Pros: Baggy Opener does what it sets out to do; it helps you keep a plastic bag open while you hold a food/beverage container and pour everything in it into the bag. As long as you keep the base of the plastic touching table/countertop surface, the arms will not have to support the entire weight of the food. 
  • Cons: clippers on top of the arms are not quite strong and they don’t have locking mechanism of any sort. They basically act like clamps but there is no way to tighten them. Also, Baggy Opener is made of plastic rather than stronger materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Jokari Baggy Opener is comprised of three main components including height-adjustable arms, a round plastic base, and rubber grip at the bottom. The extendable arms can hold anything from sandwich-size to gallon-size bag. At the top of the arm, there is a clip to securely attach the bag. Rubberized base prevents the gadget from sliding around on the countertop. Overall dimension measures at 8.75-inch H x 3.5-inch W. When not in use, you can fold the arms down for space-saving purpose. There is nothing complicated about the design, and that is what makes the gadget work so well. It does not event have any sharp edges, so it is safe for everyone.


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