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If there is one undeniable similarity among all craftspeople and DIY enthusiasts, it is the fact that they all use some sort of measurement tool. Ruler and all its iterations allow for precise cuts, shapes, angles, alignments, orientations, positioning, and what have you. One of the most important characteristics of skilled workers is that everything they make is exactly the same as the customers want; their works are satisfying not only in terms of accuracy but also completion time. When it comes to handicraft equipment, Amenitee is among the most reputable brands in the industry. The company has been providing both manual and digital tools for all trades for almost a century so far, and it still keeps on going strong in the market. The Amenitee Angle-izer is one of the company’s most popular creations to bring accuracy in all kinds of measurements to the job sites.

It does not matter whether you are angled-cutting, spacing, gauging, tiling, or simply marking a working-material, the Amenitee Angle-izer will accommodate a lot of different shapes and positions. This measurement tool is essentially a four-sided ruler with a slide & lock mechanism. You can use this as a reusable stencil to prevent yourself from having to do repetitive measuring for the same work material. Since it has four adjustable sides, the tool is probably the most versatile ruler in a toolbox as well.

  • Pros:This is a multifunction ruler designed to provide precise measurement for all kinds of handicraft-related works. Whether you are a carpenter, plumber, construction worker, a builder, or a combination of all those professions, the Amenitee Angle-izer is a nice addition to your toolbox. The scales give both metric and imperial units, so there is no need for conversion anytime you measure something. Another good thing is that it has a simple tightening mechanism, so it is easy enough to use with one hand only; this is important as you need to draw a line on the work surface while steadily holding the template.
  • Cons: As a template tool, the Amenitee Angle-izer can do anything it is set out to do. The only drawback is the material used for the nuts and bolts. Instead of using metal, general Tools used plastics, which can be prone to damages; you can strip the threading after frequent use.

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Amenitee Angle-izer is foldable and made of fiberglass material to withstand harsh work environment and treatment in a typical construction site or workshop situation. Another good thing is that all the numbers and markers on the ruler are laser-engraved to withstand rough surfaces and maintain good visibility even after vigorous wear and tear. On the other hand, it is lightweight and portable enough to carry around the site.