Home improvement project does not always have to be expensive. In fact, you can change the whole atmosphere in your home simply by rearranging all the furniture pieces. Put them in different places to change how the room looks, apply new coat of paint to refresh the appearance, and add some decorations to complete the overhaul. It is the kind of home improvement project that will not break the bank. One thing is certain: you have to move a lot of heavy furniture such as sofa, cabinet, TV stand, and probably bed and closets. Instead of spending money on movers, you can do all the heavy lifting without any bone-breaking effort thanks to the Forearm Forklift FFMCVP MovXing Cradle.

This forklift is not an industrial heavy-duty vehicle you typically see in a big storage warehouse or factory. It is actually a set of two straps designed for two people; both must be used for the straps to work. One set consists of the original Forearm Forklift and shoulder strap extension. When used together, they look like shoulder-harness system attached to your body. Each person covers each side of the object to lift it up. Once you set the harness system to the right length, you should be able to lift anything by simply standing up. All you have to do is make sure that the strap does not touch the ground when you stand up straight. Use your hands to keep the object steady as you move along.

  • Pros: the biggest point of the straps is to help users lift heavy objects without putting a lot of efforts, and the Forearm Forklift MovXing Cradle works well. It takes about a minute or two to set the right length and position the straps under the object, but they are not difficult to use at all. You can also use the standard forearm forklift (without the shoulder strap) for smaller objects.
  • Cons: this harness system works best when used for lifting objects and you don’t have to move it through stairs. On any inclined surface, the object will tilt so one person must be strong enough to prevent the object from completely falling over. It takes a lot of upper body strength, especially if you are moving a safe, metal cabinet, or refrigerator. The manufacturer does not state minimum height preference for the straps; it can be too short or too long depending on your height.

The straps are made of 100% polypropylene and rated for up to 800 pounds (363 kg). It should handle almost every heavy piece of furniture in the house such as table, bed, cabinet, etc. As long as you can lift the object off the floor, you can move it without scratching the floor or damage the object.


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