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Part of healthy lifestyle is to eat nutrient-dense foods containing high concentration of proteins. One of the best sources is meat including beef, poultry, pork and fish. Another important thing is that you need to eat or cook them while they are fresh. You can take a sniff of the meat to tell whether it is still in good condition or already spoiled; depending on packaging and treatment, even the meat stored in refrigerator can spoil quickly. Store-bought meats usually come with best-before date as well. While relying on smell and expiration date on the label is good, you can now have more accurate detection using FOODsniffer. It is a small device that works with a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

FOODsniffer is a small handheld device to detect the level of volatile organic compound and gas in raw meat. It does not actually recognize the freshness of the food by the smell, but it uses more scientific variables including humidity and temperature. Using the device is very simple: you need to put it close to the meat and wait for the result on your smartphone. Connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, FOODsniffer sends result of its meat analysis within several seconds only. The data will be displayed on its companion app (available for Android and iOS devices).

Pros: easy to use and accurate meat freshness detection system. Almost instant analysis result and it is displayed in comprehensive way in the app.

Cons: it works only on beef, pork, poultry, and fish. If you have more exotic taste for foods, you cannot rely on the device.

Food poisoning is a serious health risk which can lead to life-threatening medical condition. Knowing what you eat helps to prevent the case and improve your health at the same time. There are many factors that contribute to the rate of meat spoilage for examples:

  • Packaging – meat packaged with its own juice spoils faster
  • Processing – unhygienic slaughter environment increases the risk of immediate spoilage
  • Temperature – when stored above 3° C temperature, meat can spoil easily
  • Defrosted – when defrosted in microwave, moisture inside the meat expands and causes bacteria growth.

In addition to food poisoning prevention, FOODsniffer can also help you cave money. Meat may look like it is spoiled, but you cannot know for sure unless you have it properly tested. This device is plain simple that even children will understand how to use it after only several attempts. Instead of throwing every package of meat you have in the refrigerator after one month of storage, you may want to consider using FOODsniffer. In case there are still few pounds of meat in good condition, you don’t have to throw them out unnecessarily.


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