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Cracking an egg is an easy thing, or at least that’s how it appears to be when you’re watching a chef doing it on a TV show. You may even know some friends who have become very good at this after many days of practice, but there are also those who always leave a messy countertop anytime eggs are involved in the cooking process. People have developed a lot of different techniques to crack an egg easily. Professional can crack an egg with one hand and pour it in a bowl in a second, leaving all the egg shells behind. For the inexperienced, they may spend more times fishing out the shells than for the food preparation itself. An easy scrambled egg breakfast menu, which should take only 5 minutes to prepare, can become overly long frustrating dish to make because you have to remove all the tiny egg shells from the frying pan. If you are one of the inexperienced, you may need help from EZ Cracker.

Eggs are not actually very hard to crack, and this is where the problem comes from. Sometimes the shells break into small pieces and unintentionally fall into the bowl along with its contents. EZ Cracker helps you prevent the mess in simple way. This gadget consists of several parts including two handles, two plastic rings to hold the egg, a small upper plastic claw, and two blade-attached claws to crack open egg shell from the bottom.

  • Pros: easy to use gadget to help crack an egg. It is mechanical equipment, so there is no need to use electricity at all.
  • Cons: most parts are made of plastic, making it susceptible to damages after long-term use.


You need to put the egg into the cradle so that both ends of the egg are wrapped by the two rings. At this position, the egg will sit slightly above the bottom the claws as well. If you take a closer look at these claws, you should notice the presence a small blade attached on each of them.

As you squeeze the handles, the upper claw pushes the egg down to make contact with the blades. Next, each of the bottom claws moves to the opposite side of each other and open the egg easily. The rings will hold egg shell as the contents fall into any container you use. Everything happens in split second.

You can also install yolk separator accessory to help catch only the yolk after you crack every egg. It is placed right underneath the bottom claws.


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