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Shish kebab, or more commonly referred to as shish kabob, is originally a Middle Eastern dish based on grilled meat. The closest variant in the United States is city chicken, but the Americans and people from all around the world have also adopted the original version as well as its variants. Instead of using only grilled meat, shish kabob dishes now include vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers; some people even use sea food. Main characteristic of the dish is the use of skewers to arrange everything for serving. Meats and vegetables are put together on a plate while they are still attached to the skewers. Many will argue that this method does improve flavor; it can be because smaller slices allow for better and even absorption of seasonings or the fact that authenticity brings better eating experience.

One thing is certain: preparing shish kabob can be overly cumbersome and too long, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. The Kebab Skewer Maker & Stainless Steel Skewers, made by JK-Concept, is as an easy-to-use utensil with friendly design to help you prepare any variant of shish kabob in record time. This is not barbeque grill or anything that requires heat, but a simple tool to help you arrange everything on skewers.

  • Pros: there is nothing complicated about the utensil; assembling, disassembling, and usage are very easy. It is also dishwasher safe for better cleaning.
  • Cons: there is no protection on the base, particularly on the surfaces where the utensil makes contacts with knife. A sharp knife will leave dents on the utensil.


There are two main objects in the package including a perforated rectangular cube and the skewers. Each side panel of the cube features a row of 3 vertical openings. The base has twenty small holes to let water drip out from meats and ingredients, while the cap features 16 small round-shaped holes and 4 cylindrical openings. You can disassemble everything for easier cleaning. It is dishwasher safe and space-saving.

Remove one of the side panels by sliding it up to insert the foods into the cube. Arrange all pieces of meats and vegetables as you like until you have about 3-inch of space left on the top. Slide the removed panel back in and cover everything with the top cap.

Package also includes 4 stainless skewers with ring-tip. Insert the skewer one by one through the cylindrical opening at the top until it reaches the base. The skewers will puncture through all slices of meat and ingredients. Use the remaining space on the top to make way for your knife. Now cut through the foods all the way down from a middle vertical opening on a side panel.

You can actually make up to 16 skewers using this utensil, but you will need smaller skewers and cut through the foods from all slots on the panel.


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