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Glass is one of the most affordable yet beautiful materials to make ornamentations for your house and even functional household items such as glassware. Unlike metals or woods, however, glass cannot take rough treatments and it requires careful maintenance to keep its shine or clearness; occasional bumps can easily break the material into pieces or at least create noticeable scratches on the surface.

Due to its fragile nature, anything made of glass must be handled with extra care, even during cleaning. Another good feature of glass material is flexibility/versatility. With heat treatment, glass can be formed into different shapes from simple cube to twisted-cubes. Odd-shaped glass is an attractive decoration, but cleaning can be a cumbersome procedure, particularly when the speck of dirt is on the inside surface of the glass. Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber tries to provide solution for such problem and it seems that the little tool does the job quite well indeed.

Features of Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber:

A scrub brush or sponge is the typical cleaning tool to use for glassware; no matter what you do, however, it seems that there is always a dirty spot on the inside surface where the tool can never reach. Magnetic Scrub Rubber by Cuisipro offers an easy way to do the task without using any long brush which may scratch or damage the glass.


Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber consists of two magnetic parts including a handle and a small attachment; both of which are equipped with soft rubber cleaner. Unlike a typical handle attached to a cleaning brush, Magnetic Spot Rubber has a short knob-like handle measuring only at 3.2 cm long. The attachment is a silicone scrubbing disc. Both are magnetized, so you can put the attachment inside the glass piece and direct it from the outside using the handle. Since the attachment is also very small, it can easily enter any glass tube (vase or any vessel) with narrow opening. The trick is that you must pour a mix of warm water and cleaning solution into the tube before you throw the attachment in.

  • Pros: It cleans the inside surface of any glassware or tube (even the oddly shaped ones) with Also, soft rubber cleaner prevents scratches to the glass material. The magnet is also strong enough even for quite thick glass.
  • Cons: Small-sized rubber cleaner allows for better maneuverability inside the glass including corners. If the dirt is stubborn enough, small handle can be uncomfortable to the finger.


All in all, Magnetic Spot Scrubber by Cuisipro is a smart innovation to help everyone handle the persistent problem of cleaning the inside surface of glass items. You can consider this either modernized or simplified version of scrub brush, but one thing is certain: Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber works better than any typical sponge or brush.


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