Coolest & Most Popular Gadgets of Our Facebook Fan Page

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Here we are going to provide you with a catalog in which contains 9 the coolest and the most popular tools and gadgets of March on the Buzz Digger page.

Please feel free to find out what you need!

  • MaxForm Easy Angle Ruler


Price: $25.99 | Order Now

  • Plus Guard Privacy Stamp

plus guard

Price: $16.99 | Order Now

  • Blooming Bath


Price: $39.99 | Order at

  • Simple Shower


Price: $12.99 | Order at

  • Sugru


Price: $19.94 | Order at

  • Clevermade Basket


Price: $21.79 | Order at

  • Easy on&off Sock Aid


Price: $77.00 | Order at

  • Slotdog


Price: $17.88 | Order at

  • Womb Infant Sleeper


Price: $125.00 | Order at

3 Comments Already

  1. Is this the catalog? Or, do I have to leave my e-mail address somewhere? I would love to have the complete catalog because it seems you have things I haven’t seen anywhere else.

  2. there is no place to search for the spice shelving that was on facebook. Where is that item and what is the price

  3. Suitcase that opens with shelves. FB page crashes so looking online. Saw it shared 10/29/2017
    Price? More details please?

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