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Pillow is, and will always be, something that most people take for granted. It may seem simple, but pillow actually plays important role in health and quality of life. Even when you are sleeping, it is recommended to maintain good posture. This means the body needs proper support to keep a streamline posture without sacrificing comfort. While mattress does a good job at providing support for your back and legs, your neck is in constant contraction without a proper support from quality pillow. It is important for everyone to stay at relaxed state while sleeping, and it is even more crucial for a pregnant woman who has to carry additional unbalance weight of the unborn child inside her body.

It takes a different approach to design a pillow which can support the entire length of the body starting from the neck to the legs. Of course, it is possible to use multiple regular pillows for that purpose, but twisting and turning while sleeping can make a mess on the bed and you end up in bad posture. As a result, you get aching in the neck and back when you wake up. The Comfort U Total Body Support offers a solution for those issues with its unique U-shaped pillow. Instead of using several pillows for comfort, the pillow can be your all-in-one problem solver.

  • Pros: Fusion Fiber molds itself to fit human body. Regardless of the sleeping position, the pillow provides enough support at various pressure points. Thanks to its unique U-shaped, there is no need for extra pillows. People with sleeping problems may find the pillow comforting, too.
  • Cons: one of the biggest drawbacks is that it takes a lot of space in a washer. The manufacturer recommends washing it in front-loading commercial size washer, and it can be a hassle. It is also necessary to fluff the pillow every now and then. For some, it may seem like a lot of work to take care of a pillow.

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Another good thing is that Comfort U is filled with a material called Fusion Foss or Fusion Fiber. Unlike foam which flattens after everyday usage, each strand of this material is polished to make sure the fibers move smoothly and easily against each other, preventing the pillow from clumping or lumping even after long period of usage and repeated cleaning. All materials including the cover are allergenic. Overall dimension measures at 68-inch L x 15-inch W x 16-inch D.  Comfort U is not designed for pregnant women only. Any person can take advantage from the way it firmly yet comfortably support the body while sleeping or prolong lying down position while reading or watching TV. It can be used in healthcare facilities as well for patients with back pain problems.


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