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Cutting, slicing, and chopping fruits or vegetables and basically any ingredient are inseparable routines in the kitchen. People have been trying to do those things in efficient time-saving methods; knives and cutting boards are the bare minimum equipment for the jobs, and they always have rooms for refinements. The conventional methods involve three basic steps: putting the ingredient on a cutting board, cutting/slicing/chopping, and transferring the small pieces into a bowl or pan. Sometimes even very good cook still make a mess on countertop as the sliced ingredients spill out of the board. Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Food Chopper eliminates the issue, allowing you to prepare all ingredients in more efficient way.

Unlike a typical knife, the Clever Cutter is a combination of both knife and cutting board in one package. It has a knife built from stainless steel sharp blade at the top part and a small cutting board at the bottom. The board has a small cutting surface indeed, but it should be enough to provide sturdy support even for large vegetables or fruits.

  • Pros: unique design for faster cutting/slicing, chopping vegetables and fruits in the kitchen. Thanks to the locking mechanism, Clever Cutter is easy to clean and store. Spring-loaded mechanism forces the blade to open in wide position with no effort at all.
  • Cons: the blade is not designed to cut hard-shelled fruits. It works best for soft foods/ingredients such as cucumber, onions, and leafy vegetables, but will likely fail on meat or larger fruits such as melons or pineapples; cutting with regular knife beforehand is required. When working with smaller items (such as sausage or banana) you need to use a fork to hold them. Product description does not recommend regular kitchen sharpener for the blade due to the single-edged design, but there is no further information on how to keep the blade sharp.

Both parts act like a pair of scissors, and you operate it in the same way too. Unlike typical scissors, however, the pivoting point is spring-loaded to make Clever Cutter open as wide as possible. For cutting, slicing, and chopping, you need to squeeze down the cutting jaw. After each cut, its jaw will open by its own mechanism; no effort required.

When not in used, Clever Cutter can be locked in closed position by using a safety latch located at the bottom of the handle. This knife is dishwasher-safe; just make sure you lock it in closed position before cleaning. You can also unlock the hinge to make the knife and cutting board come apart.