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Cleaning has always been one of the most difficult parts of household chores. Even with so many modern devices such as steam mops or vacuum cleaners, you still have to do a lot of manual labor to get the job done. A combination of multiple cleaning tasks at home can take hours to complete. You can start with the floor and then move to cabinets, kitchen countertop, garage, the lawn, and so on; the job seems endless. Physical works are inevitable, but the right equipment always makes everything not only easier but also cleaner. Introducing the Brush Hero, a set of mechanical detail brushes to reach tricky corners and swept away stubborn grimes from any surface.

By mechanical, it means the brush needs no electric power to work. The main unit consists of a handle, valve control/trigger, and brush head. You can connect the handle to any standard garden hose; as you open the valve, water flows inside the handle and through the brush head. Thanks to its cleaver mechanism, brush head rotates as the water flows.

Brush Hero is a simple effective attachment to wash car, barbeque grills, rubber mats, motorcycle, and glassware if you want to. It is also easy to use the brush to give a bath to your pets. Two brush heads are provided to deliver different cleaning actions for different things.


  • Pros: easy to assemble and use. Everything is straightforward out of the box; chances are you don’t even need manual instruction to understand how Brush Hero works. The package includes additional soft black brush that you can use as a spare.
  • Cons: there isn’t any major downside to the design, but it would be nice to have two different sizes of brush heads in the package. A bigger brush head should cover more area and save more time. The package does include an additional brush, but they are pretty much the same things expect for the color

With any regular brush, you would run water through the work areas (cars wheels, golf clubs, yard tools, etc) and then apply soap to them. Using either sponge or brush, you try to wipe dirt and debris from those stuffs. With Brush Hero, you do all the cleaning actions at the same time: running water, applying soap, and wiping the dirt away. It allows for more effective results in less time. Brush heads are neither too large nor too small. While it does not cover a wide area with a single stroke, rest assured that it will fit into many tight corners including the inside of kitchen sink drain cover. Because it does not electric power of any sort, the attachment is safe to use even by children.  All are made of hard plastic too, so there is no risk of corrosion.


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