Virtual Reality is booming. Virtual reality glasses are fashionable. As far as now Google Cardboard is the cheapest option provided for all Android users to enjoy this advanced technology. By using this tech we can easily turn our mobile phone into a fully-functional virtual reality goggle.

Google has already created a certification for those manufacturers who are ready to launch their own models compatible with Google Cardboard because it has seen a bright future for virtual reality technology and LG will launch its new View-Master later this year. As Google Cardboard is easy to make at home, as some finished products can be easily bought online, we will make a small selection as follows of the best free applications for Google Cardboard.

1. Street View VR

It’s nice to traveling everywhere without leaving your comfortable sofa. After activated your cardboard and by simply click on a spot, you can suddenly move from one place to all the wonders in the rest of the world at ease with this app.

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