There is a wide array of wearable action trackers on the industry, but few of those are instructed particularly at women, a problem Bellabeat is designed to fix with the Leaf. The Leaf is an action tracking system that looks more like a fashionable piece of jewelry than an ordinary tracking system from a company.

Like many action trackers on the industry, the Leaf paths actions taken and sleep quality, but when combined with the app using Wireless, it also paths monthly periods and ovulation and it provides advised respiration workouts peace when used around the throat, establishing it apart from other fitness promotions.


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Bellabeat Leaf Review:

As for sleep tracking, we originally fought to get the Leaf to instantly put itself into sleep method, which is when we found for sleep, it’s best to video it to a pajama clothing or base. When used on the hand, it won’t always go into sleep method. Attached to sleepwear, it was better about discovering sleep, but was still untrustworthy — it could not always tell when we got into bed and often documented far too much or too little sleep.

While depending on automated sleep tracking fails all of the time, there’s a choice to get in actual sleep/wake periods in the app. The Leaf is still documenting action, so when sleep/wake periods are joined, it can then go on to calculate how much mild sleep and how much strong sleep was obtained every evening. Sleep top quality reports with the Leaf and other action trackers are always of doubtful use because there’s no way to figure out their precision. The Leaf, in particular, seemed off because it never recognized periods when we got out of bed during evening.

Wearing the Leaf, the Jawbone UP, and the Withings Activité Pop during one night of sleep led in three very different sleep charts. Sleep tracking is useful for calculating how much overall sleep you’re getting every evening, but we would not study too much into the standard failures.

Activity Tracking:

In comparison the Leaf to an Apple watch and several other action trackers and found its phase keeping track of to be reasonably precise. When the Leaf was first launched, the phase keeping track of could be off by quite a bit or documented inaccurately by the app, but many of the beginning insects have been set through app and firmware up-dates. It’s a lot more constant and precise nowadays than it was 30 days ago.

The Leaf is often within a few numbers of actions of other action trackers, and it doesn’t seem to be over or undervaluing actions were taken. It maintained to choose up a little bit more action when used on the hand as in comparison to used clothing, but that seems sensible when you take into consideration arm motions. It’s best to use it on the hand or on trousers — on the receiver of clothing or around the throat, phase tracking became less precise.

It’s important to note the Leaf only identifies activity in the type of actions taken. It isn’t able to identify when action choices up, splitting exercise from regular actions like the Withings Activité or Apple watch might, and it’s not able to history exercises of any type. Also, while my leaf seemed to be within a few number of actions of what my Apple watch was documenting, there are problems on the company’s Facebook or MySpace web page and in the App store indicating other customers are having more issue with action tracking precision.

Breathing Exercises:

Bellabeat promotes three main elements of the Leaf: sleep tracking, action tracking, and respiration workouts to control pressure. Before the Leaf was published, the ads recommended it would be able to track respiration during the day when used around the throat, identifying pressure stages, but that’s not how the respiration function works in the final product.

As an alternative, what the Leaf does is evaluate respiration through advised respiration workouts. To use the respiration workouts, the Leaf needs to be connected to the inside group of a couple of trousers, relaxing against the abdomen. A respiration period is started through the app, where there are several stages of respiration workouts, started off with a guide.

Someone enthusiastic about using respiration techniques for pleasure may discover the respiration element of the Leaf to be a useful and valuable addition to the action tracking system.


  • multipurpose
  • Doesn’t need to charge
  • Eye-catching looks like jewelry
  • App is creatively appealing

Final words:

The Leaf is a unique-looking action tracking system that’s handier than most choices available on the market, but there are certain disadvantages that will prevent many folks from buying the Leaf over other action trackers. The app is also extremely simple and easy losing many functions compared to the applications from competitive action trackers, and not all customers are going to like the respiration workouts, which is an important promoting function of the system.

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