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Taking care of your newborn is filled with happy moments, but no one will argue that these moments can be quite of a hassle at times especially if you are new mother as well. The lack of experience and guidance from more knowledgeable person can result in frustrating days and nights for quite a while until the baby is big enough; only by then the situations become more manageable. Giving a bath, for example, sounds very simple but it takes patients, efforts, and time to get used to. You must hold the baby with one hand and give proper care with the other. In such case, the Blooming Bath is exactly what you need.
Handcrafted from soft materials, Blooming Bath comes in flower petal design to wrap around the baby’s entire body in comfort during a bath. The material is also flexible enough to fit most sinks. It is an alternative to hard-plastic baby bath tub or seats.

Pros: Blooming Bath is machine washable and dryer-safe at the same time. It is easy to clean and ready to use within minutes only. There is no hard stiff material in the product, so there is no chance of anything getting bent or broken over time.
Cons: according to the company, Blooming Bath is recommended for baby from newborn until 6 months old. However, it can be tricky to give a bath to a baby when he/she is not yet able to sit on his/her own. You must constantly hold his/her up during the bathing process. Also, you must wring it out after every use, put it in a washer, and dry it in the machine. It is not difficult to do those, but it can be a hassle for some.

Typical baby bath tubs are often uncomfortable and your sinks may not even fit the size. Let us not forget that hard materials do not get along well with baby’s sensitive skin. Blooming Bath is designed with oversized petals to protect your baby from everything else around. The center and the petals are equally cushioned so the baby can sit flush in great comfort. The center of the flower is 10-inch in diameter, while overall product measures at 32-inches from tip to tip. Blooming Bath is a Parent Tested Parent Approved Award Winning Product.
Blooming Bath is intended to be used inside a sink. Since the materials are soft and flexible, it does not really matter how big/small your sink is; as long as the sink can accommodate the baby size, you can put the product in it and give your baby a proper bath. You can also use it in a conventional plastic tub if you want. The main purpose of the product is to give protection against hard surfaces and provide easy access to the baby for you.


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