2. MyFitness Pal


MyFitnessPal is an app that can take completely control of everything you eat throughout the day. It now has a huge food database, more than 6 million foods with all kinds of nutritional information, both macro- and micronutrients, not just calories. It also has a reader barcode to instantly locate any product that you have at home and add it to the appropriate meal. Of course, you can add your own food easily and if you are a kitchenettes , and you can enter complete recipes and nutritional content, too.

After installing a fitness app I give it three days and I usually trash it. But after 3 days with MyFitnessPal I subscribed to premium. The only suggestion I would make is for those of us that eat 6 small meals a day to break it up. But other than that I have absolutely no complaints about this application whatsoever I use it everyday and plan my meals the night before. And if I decide to go out to eat I know what to eat before I go!!!

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