We’ve chosen front side lighting that is better and will allow you to see where you are going on unlit pattern routes or non-urban streets, while the back-lighting is made mainly to make you noticeable to other motorists. Aspects such as the life of battery power, weight, and side exposure are more important than all-out power for the back-lighting, and the price is lower too. If you’re looking for lighting for off-road cycling, you need something better that can light up unlit routes in black forest scattered with stones, origins, and other challenges. If you do cycling at night then you’ll need a good light.

Focus on to the lumen rating, as this will affect everything from exposure and protection to battery power. The greater the lumens, the lighter light will be. If you’re using light primarily on darker country streets or trails, a greater lumen light for enhanced exposure is ideal.

Blackburn Central 700


The Main stands out with clever visual and increasing tricks. The dual tab and thumbscrew install are compatible with any GoPro camera install ,as well as its own spinning ratchet dual returning rubber band install, which works on bars and arises. The frosted lens edge and back-sloped lower section give sideline and just-in-front-of-wheel awareness. Two tall side gills get more traffic exposure. You get a respectable amount of central ray power for confident riding on returning streets and the battery can be rubbed with three constant and two blinking ways.

Lezyne Microdrive 800XL


Dual LEDs give a highlight completely to two unique ‘double barrel’ areas for reasonably assured driving on black paths. The cutaway ends mean restricted side exposure and the lower lip decreases perspective just before rim. The rubberized seat and steps install works with most bar forms too. Weight is relatively great and construction and stability are good, the small USB slot is well enclosed and re-charging is fast. Run times are regular but there’s a continuous high/low method ‘Race’ establishing if you find the display and beat parts of the standard five-mode set up annoying.

Moon Arcturus Auto Pro


Moon’s Arcturus uses an extremely effective 30-chip rectangle-shaped band COB LED for very apparent wide-angle exposure from three stable and three blinking ways. The auto light indicator gives the option to let it self-asses your protection , and the metal body help keep it awesome and effective on heated summer evenings. The built-in band video spots into a foldable side and the rubberized band seat post hold can be tilted to keep the light straight. It even comes with a seat train hold if your seat post won’t play football. Full energy life is short, but there is a built-in, low-power hour of protection source.

Niterider Lumina & Sabre


Niterider features seriously see and is seen power into this top value, lifetime-warranted double set. The Lumina’s included LED indicates zero back and forth exposure, but the 450-lumen ray gives an outstanding impact for fast street driving. The 200-lumen, three-hour run time a ray is still useful and there are asking for and low battery power signs. The Sabre back uses a similarly highly effective single remove COB LED with three conventional and three blinking ways plus extra side LEDs. Both just click quickly into dense rubberized band installs, which tend to be large but flexible to fit circular cafes, arises, and the most perverse seat post perspectives.

Exposure Sirius Mk5 & Trace

9999Exposure’s UK-built double package is a flexible and function-rich set. Power is sufficient rather than awesome for back road lighting, but nice run periods despite low weight mean you can run it greater for longer than most, and there’s an automated configurations selection. The ‘warm’ shade, mid-width ray also has cutouts for reasonable side attention. An optionally available distant change, reliable battery power and USB system asking for because improve flexibility, and renew periods are fast. The TraceR back is highly effective, particularly from straight behind and both lightnings has primary renew and runtime interaction. The changes are indistinct in safety gloves and you’ll need the not-compulsory seat train secure if you’ve got an elliptical exerciser aerodynamic seat post.

Aside from purpose and lighting, other points to consider are whether light is USB rechargeable, how easy it is to mount on the bike and battery power. If this list doesn’t quite have what you need, browse more bike lighting to get more options. Some lighting offers extra features, such as a weather resistant structure, a low battery power indicator, and multiple light settings.