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Almost everything we do brings either negative or positive impact on the environment, even when we are shopping. We all have obligations to take part in protecting the nature from the danger of wasting resources, so reusable shopping bags seem to be good ideas. There are myriads of them in the market, and each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Grabbing any reusable bags then going for a shopping fun is sufficient in most cases; at least you don’t ask for disposable plastic bags every now and then. However, it is best to think about how well-made they are made as you may need to haul plenty of heavy stuffs in them. The bags should be strong, durable, and practical. When most people think all reusable bags are the same, you can be sure that Whozzeco Trolley Bags are different and better.

A package of Whozzeco contains 4 separate shopping bags with different colors: green, orange, red, and blue. Each is designed to be a heavy-duty bag and able to carry large capacity of items. All 4 bags in the set are made of high quality materials reinforced with strong stitching. The size fits any standard shopping cart used in most (if not all) grocery stores and shopping centers all around the world. When not in use, all of them can be folded into a single small package, and it has a carry handle as well. You can hang it on the cart or slip it under a car seat before you arrive. The different colors may appear unnecessary, but you will appreciate how those bags help organize items. Each color can represent certain category of items such as kitchen, garden, grocery, kids, or anything else depending on what you need.

  • Pros: straightforward bags without unnecessary ornamentations that add no value. Each has large enough capacity to haul typical shopping items. The blue insulated bag is excellent idea and it works well. Foldable design allows for space-saving when not in use. The bags come with lifetime warranty.
  • Cons: the insulated bag is not as large as the others, and the rods that keep the bags sitting in easy-to-reach position inside a trolley are not long enough for some carts.

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Excluding the Blue bag, each of them features a mesh bottom for ventilation. By seeing the contents, you can also easily recognize the item categories. Blue bag does not have this feature because the material is insulated to keep both frozen and hot foods remain at the same temperature.