With these fast going days and fugacious nights, we became so busy in our lives that we avoid doing so many things we used to do. These little things seem to be frustrating now. For instance, it has been a tiring day and you don’t want to move an inch from your bed but to sleep now. But wait who will be turning off the lights all over your house? This would let you wish you could have an automatic switching regulatory system of your house.

Are you wishing for something to be controlled by your fingertips as if on your mobile phone and tablets etc.? Here you go. Say thanks to the modern technology which has made your house smarter than ever. Now you can regulate your house lightings while resting on bed. These luxuries are made to ease your life and will never compromise on your electricity bill.

  1. Lighting EVER Remote Controlled Color Changing A19 5W LED Light Bulb


This smart technology gift is a $10.50 light. It will be given to you with its own remote regulator, comprising of 16 different colors to choose for your home lighting. Don’t get fooled by its low price, it is not compromising on the quality service of the product. The bulb has 30-watt power, same as other bulbs. The bulb will glow white and shades given in remote are to dim and sharpen the intensity according to your mood.

  2. Philips 431643 Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Pack


This starter pack is come up with a deal of 3 led bulbs along with a compatible device. The 3 bulbs all over will provide 60 watt of light power and by using only 20% of the energy expenditure. Lifetime hours of these led bulbs would about 15000 hours that would make approximately 4 years. You can easily control the switching system through your phones and tablets etc. and even brightness or dullness can be controlled through same device (brighten up to 50 hue light). The device and led bulbs are also compatible with your other housing automatic systems.

   3. GE Link Wireless A19 Smart LED


The GE link wireless system consists of a light bulb which is regulated by a software application downloaded on your smart phone. It provides easiest way to get in home illuminating control. You can stay with your GE wireless led for about 22 years if you are using it on average of 3 hours per day. However, when we talk about compatibility, it offers to be compatible with smart phones and not with your PC and tablets. But it can sync data on other wifi devices in your house. The best part is that you can get these wonders in just only $11.99.

   4. Belkin WeMo Light Switch 


This is the best Wi-Fi enabled light switch which can switch one and off lights from any place of your house. Wherever you are and wherever the light is left opened you can easily turn it off by a single touch from your phone. It doesn’t have compatibility issues too and can connect to any smartphone or tablet where there is internet availability. This classy product will only cost $49.99 and it’s been the amazon best seller as well.

  5. MagicLight Bluetooth LED Light Bulb


This magic light Bluetooth led bulb is saying it all in its name already. The light bulb has some following exceptional features;

Light weighed and easy to hold.

  • Reliable compatibility to android and I phone devices.
  • Disco mode availability.
  • Great life expectancy.Energy saver.
  • Stylish.

If you are thinking to through a party at home don’t waste money on party lights. Impress your friends by getting your own magic light led bulb and enjoy its color changing feature. Moreover, the light bulb will save more energy than a normal bulb and can give you a rough estimate of about 30,000 hours of use.  Surprised? You should be. Now let me reveal its cost, it is just $29.99.

   6. Flux Bluetooth LED Light Bulb


This flux Bluetooth light is $30.95 led bulb and has been selling on amazon effectively. The core features of this light bulbs may include;

  • Compatible to android and I devices via Bluetooth.
  • Easy light controlling system
  • Personalized lightning feature.
  • A complete color palette
  • Long life hours
  • Timer and light changer available.

The flux Bluetooth light has approximately 16 million colors which you can change among according to your mood and environment. Yet the product is offering a great energy savings and long life hours of about 20,000 hours. The personalized setting option includes timer, light changing settings, or even you can change light with different music played there.