The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was exposed around the globe at a New Samsung event on Aug 2, 2016. This highly effective new Smartphone is the newest in the Note line and functions as an heir to last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5. New Samsung enthusiasts will notice there was no Note 6. Case selection can often be limited in stores on release day, so we’ve put together a record of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that are available now. Read on to see our top choices for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cases.

Caseology Envoy Series Case

Want an inexpensive case that doesn’t look cheap? The strong shades and distinct components in the Envoy sequence of cases from Caseology make these inexpensive cases look expensive. This style is comfortable to hold in your hand during long phone calls or prolonged game playing. The case itself created TPU sleeve, covered in the artificial set. The plus features a resilient thermoplastic fender.

Price on Amazon: $15.99 

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle PRO

It’s a sad fact of the case industry that the most top quality cases don’t release until several weeks after the Smartphone debuts. That means it can be difficult to find a Smartphone case with strong fall protection or improved features like water resistant in the first few several weeks after the Smartphone has been declared. That being said, there are some reasonable options available now for folks looking for a strong Note 7 case.

Price on Amazon: $17.99 

Spigen Slim Armor CS Card Holder

There are lots of different designs of pockets cases out there. Some pockets cases are folio-style, which means they have a front side flap that defends the display. Within the flap, there is usually room for two or three bank credit cards. This design of pockets case is awesome, but it can be heavy and hard to fit in a bank account.

Price on Amazon: $15.99

vr design samsung note 7 case

Set cases can be difficult to find in an industry that seems to focus on the safety benefits of TPU and thermoplastic. That being said, a leather case seems nice in your hand and helps to present you as a professional sort of person. One leather case option we like that won’t hurt your wallet is this design from VRS Design. It is a nice-looking design that comes in brownish, black, or stone red. The top side click has an eye-catching closing, however, which may not be an attraction to people who want to keep heat away from their devices.

Price on $34.99 

Ionic ACTIVE Sport Armband

Are you an energetic person? Then it seems sensible to spend in an armband case so you can keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with you on a run, or while sees the gym. This armband case is flexible, so it should fit the common arm quite perfectly. You’ll want to eliminate your Smartphone from any other case before trying to slip it into this armband sleeve, however. A choice to consider is this case/band combination from SUPCASE, which functions a thin case that can be connected to an armband, providing you a bit more versatility.

Price on Amazon: $9.99

FYY Colorful Series Slim Fit Case

Want a lovely Smartphone case to fit energetic personality? This sexy and female Smartphone case is a great choice for those who want a case that doesn’t look like what everyone else is using.

Price on Amazon: $8.99

Sparin Waterproof Case

If past Smartphone launch periods are any suggestion, you will have to wait months for LifeProof and similar manufacturers to launch their high-end waterproof cases. But it’s summer now, which indicates many individuals want to be able to use their Mobile phones by the beach, on a boat, or while taking an open shower. If you need to purchase a water-resistant case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 right now, try this model from Sparin. As with any waterproof case, create sure to test the case for water-resistance before putting your Smartphone inside.

Price on Amazon: $25.99

Obliq Naked Shield

Obvious cases let you display off the color of your Smartphone, as well as a display of the point that you just obtained top of the line design. If completely magnificent cases aren’t your thing, this design is also available with clues of increased silver, red, or black to add a little more character to your system.

Price on Amazon: $22.72

Maxdara Galaxy Note 7 Battery Charger Case

Included battery energy is a must for any Smartphone owner, especially if you use your GPS all day at work. We had to hold back a while before a Note 7-compatible battery energy case revealed up online, which wasn’t amazing. Water resistant cases and energy battery cases are often a bit slower to come to market for new gadgets.

Price on Amazon: $38.99

Ringke Max Note 7 Case

Awesome is a very subjective phrase, but there’s something attractive about this strong, vibrant case from Ringke. Moreover, to appear cool, this case has back defenders in each area to provide extra security for your display in case of a fall. If the “bumblebee” design shown above doesn’t speak out loud with you, other shade choices available.

Price on Amazon: $9.99