It would have been nice if Apple Company had made the iPhone 6/6S and the 6/6S Plus waterproof, or at least water resistant. One of the most common causes for smartphone damage is liquids. Cell phones dropped in puddles, get dunked in stained, and have beverages spilled all over them. You can take the odds, or you can shop for waterproof or water resistant iPhone 6 cases. These water resistant cases will fit the iPhone 6 as well as 6S, too.

  1. Lifeproof Fre case

Lifeproof Fre case

One of the best waterproof iPhone 6 case producers is Lifeproof, which has popularity for providing continually reliable iPhone cases. The Fre has a scratch-resistant touchscreen display screen cover and can also be engrossed in up to 2 meters of water for up to an hour. For waterproof cases, Lifeproof is to overcome on functionality and style.

  1. Pelican Marine case

Pelican Marine case

It is a challenging case from a reliable name in case technology. The Pelican Underwater ratings an IP68 ranking, which means it can be engrossed in water up to 6.6 legs for 30 minutes. The five-layer protection contains a built-in screen guard. This case also contributes hold, Touch ID still works, and though it completely contains the iPhone 6S, Pelican worked well to ensure that the sound isn’t too altered.

  1. Catalyst waterproof case

Catalyst waterproof case

You’ll be hard-pressed to discover a more sensible choice than this case from Driver if you need something that can truly manage a soak. This case is water resistant at up to 5 meters and features an IP68 ranking. It also satisfies army requirements for fall assessments, so you can use your iPhone 6 outside confidently if it’s covered with one of these. Contact ID, control buttons, and the touchscreen display screen all work with the case on, and the slots are available via connects, but not every wire is going to fit.

  1. Dog and bone wetsuit impact

Dog and bone wetsuit impact

You’ll enjoy satisfaction with this case, even if your iPhone 6 or 6S is engrossed in water. Bad weather and dust are not a problem, either. Like a lot of strong cases with all-around security, there are some issues with this one, but Dog and bone have made significant developments in its unique water-resistant case.

  1. Lunatik Aquatik Case

Lunatik Aquatik Case

The Lunatik Aquatik is one of the few, completely normal water resistant cases with a thin type aspect, and a vibrant style. This one is TouchID suitable and ratings an IP68 ranking, which implies the case will, at least, secure your iPhone when engrossed for up to half an hour in up to 3 legs of normal water. Lunatik has another, a beefier case that’ll hold up against greater effect drops if it’s strong security you’re after.

  1. Hitcase Pro

Hitcase Pro

This case has an uplifting, angular look, but the Hitcase is meant to work together with a variety of components, such as contacts and different kinds of installs. If you want to do activity shooting and use your iPhone 6 instead of a Go Pro, it could be value a look. The case is very strong, providing water resistant up to 33 legs (10 meters) and strong fall security.

  1. Optrix Body Glove Kit

Optrix Body Glove Kit

It is another water resistant case that’s meant to convert your iPhone 6 into an experience digicam that you can use in all weather conditions. It also provides an IP68 ranking, and it has been falling examined at up to 20 legs (6 meters). You can connect in a variety of different contacts, but it only comes with the regular and wide-angle types. There are also various installs available so that you can connect it to anything, from board to a bicycle. It’s heavy, but you can use your iPhone with the case on.

  1. Griffin Survivor All-terrain

Griffin Survivor All-terrain

This water-resistant case comes from a big name producer you can believe in. The case also keeps the rainfall out, as every position of the phone is protected, but there’s no assurance it will deal with submersion.

  1. Bessmate Underwater Case

Bessmate Underwater Case

Let’s be sincere, the big fascination with this case from Bessmate is the amazingly low price tag. It suits the IP68 ranking that most water resistant iPhone 6 cases bring, which indicates drops at up to 6.6 legs (2 meters) for up to time should not be an issue. Eventually, the iPhone 6 is completely useful with the case on, and this providing is great value in comparison to some of the competitors.

  1. Vansky Universal Waterproof Case

Vansky Universal Waterproof Case

The regrettable fact about most of the water resistant cases is that they adversely affect on functionality. Officially, your iPhone 6 will continue to perform with the case on, but it’s going to be a little difficult to deal with, a little less sensitive, and a little bit muffled. If you only need the water resistant from day to day, you may be better with a pocket style, like this one from Vansky.