Beer fests are great feasts to all beer aficionados. We always make and get to know friends all over the world by drinking beers and attending beer parties.If you want to test your tongue together with some of the drinking experts, attending these drinking meetings will be your first choice.Here we provide a list of top beer festivals in U.S., let’s read it together!

  1. Great American Beer Festival, Denver:


The Great American Beer Festival is 3 days yearly occasion hosted by the Brewers Association and held at the end of Sept or even the starting of Oct in Denver, Colorado. The GABF delivers guests from around the planet to sample more than 1,600 various American beers.

More than one hundred beer judges from the United states of America and overseas take part within the evaluations of 1 or even more beer styles, in the end judging 2,300 beers joined by over 450 domestic breweries. Gold, silver, as well as bronze medals in sixty nine beer-style categories, are granted, although not each medal is awarded in every category.

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