junglebookDisney released its 3D movie The Jungle Book last week.It is one of the most beloved animated films in the Walt Disney vault. Have you watched it already or are you planning to watch it recently? No matter what your answer is, let’s read these 5 things before or after you actually seeing it to help you get a better and more profound understandingabout it.

  1. Big Transformation

According to what director Favereau said, he combined the classic animated story with the new digital adventure and tried to turn a G-rated movie for kids with musical intro into a PG-Rated film for all ages, that’s a real challenge for him. Besides, he combined the classic moments that he loves the most with something new and surprising. At the same time used motion capture for choreography. Moreover, Jim Henson CO. puppets were used and Favereau did voices to a few characters.

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