Anybody knows about “Pokémon Go” and everybody plays this game at anytime at anywhere since it has become a vital sensation in recent days. The game seems to be a free game without any purchase demands but you have to spend real world money to accelerate game progress, to possess more Egg Incubators, so that you need to buy Pokécoins, which means, “Pokémon Go” actually is an in-app-purchase game. However, fortunately, we have two ways to get free Pokémon GO gold coins to share with all of you. Hurry up to read and try!

Method One: Raise the prestige level at a friendly gym

Step 1: You should first of all raise your level to above 5.

Step 2: Find and go to a gym that is currently belong to your team.

Step 3: Raise the prestige level at this gym. (The prestige level of gym is shown as below)


The gym’s level is directly corresponding to the number of Pokémon who are defending it. You can raise the prestige level by winning enough battles, after you have level up a friendly gym, there will be a free space to place one of your Pokémon to defend the gym.

Step 4: Defend the gym

Once a gym is in your possession, you will have to defend it and every time that you successfully defend it you will get defense bonus and every day your gym remains under your protection, you will get 10 Pokécoins as bonus until your gym has been defeated by another team.

Step 5: Collect free gold Pokécoins by clicking the shield icon in the upper right corner in the shop. You can do this once a day.


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