Summer is just around the corner! When Summer comes, you would sometimes spend an entire day at the beach trying to do various activities that you can do there to keep your families, your friends and yourself entertained. Here we provide a list of the funniest and best games of 2016, let’s play them to add and bring a ton of fun to your Summer times. One thing you need to remember: get all toys and stuffs related to your games in advance.

  1. Dizzy Izzy


This game allows the majority of people to join and play, it can be played in your backyard but becomes funnier when you are playing it at the beach.

Equipment needed: Two sticks or canes

Popularity: at least three people; the number of the attendants should be odd

How to Play:

  • Split all people into two teams
  • Set two sticks (canes) on the ground, have a space of about 15 feet between two sticks (canes) also leave a space of 40 feet between the starting line and the sticks (canes)
  • Let two teams line up in a row
  • When game begins, each team member should run to the team stick on the ground one by one, bend and give forehead on the end of the stick, and spin for 10 times
  • Run back to starting line immediately after spinning around and tag the next person who is waiting to get started
  • Game finished when all members complete
  • The team that finished first win the game
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