Music festivals have their origins in the hippy era, however, these days the best festivals in the world go way beyond the mud, acid as well as rock music clichés of conventional UK and European festivals. Therefore, whether or not you would like rolling fields, sun-kissed seashores or perhaps a festival exactly where the sun never sets, here are some music festivals to go to prior to you die.

1. Burning Man Music Festival


Definitely, some guy sporting glasses as well as dreadlocks will let you know Burning Man isn’t what it was once, man, prior to he speeds off in his solar buggy, and he’s most likely right. Nonetheless, an inimitable post-modern, cyberpunk, druggy spirit hangs concerning this distant pop-up around the north Nevada playa. The carrying out DJs are last-minute shocks – techy suppliers like Deadmau5 as well as Tyco – however, that is a just part of the action inside a place which has pyrotechnics and it is own laser regulations.

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