netflix-3-1200x630-cHave plenty of time to kill? Wonder what is the best movie to see with families during weekend time? Wants to watch some new movies? Can not decide what to watch? Find answers in Netflix new streaming movies. Here is the selection of new movies on Netflix.

  1. People Places Things (2015)

Release dates:January 26, 2015 at Sundance; August 14, 2015 in USA

Director: James C. Strouse

Stars:Jemaine Clement, Michael Chernus, Jessica Williams, Regina Hall

Running time: 85 minutes

People Places Things is a comedy film. The story is about Will Henry, a graphic novelist who found out his wife Charlie is having an affair with a guy named Gary and Charlie decided to end their relation and marry to Gary. After that, Will moved out and sometimes taking care of his twin daughters. His student Kat introduced her mom to Will, and found out to be the true love to Will. Charlie also gets her happiness marriage with Gary with Will’s sincere wishes.

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