It’s said that there’s somebody for everybody, and perhaps exactly the same might be stated about festivals. If you would like to possess an actual fantastic time, if plunging into the world’s odd as well as wacky is the flavor, then verify out probably the craziest festivals on earth. You would not think what some individuals do en masse for enjoyment. Experience lifestyle the way in which it should be lived.

  1. NYC Water Fight Festival – United States


Every year, hundreds and thousands of people in New York City gather together on the Great Lawn in Central Park to enjoy the day of big water fight with squirt water guns and buckets. This is the day of reliving pains and releasing stresses, also plenty of new friends are available there.

Where: Central Park, New York City, America

When: Changes every year

Why to Go: It is the biggest water guns fight in NYC; a day of playing water together with new friends in New York city.

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