In simple words, body arts can be defined as forms of visual arts which are made with, on, or with human body. Some forms of body arts have been in existence since ancient times and even considered cultural heritage, especially by native tribes in many different countries. Tattoos and piercing are the most popular; while the methods of applications have been modernized, some native tribes still use the old-fashioned nails and natural plant-based pigments. There are also some body arts invented in modern society for examples implants and body-airbrush. Here are 10 most common types of body arts we recognize today.

  1. Body Painting

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As the name suggests, body painting involves applying coats of paint to a person’s body. Some popular designs include a combination of multiple paint colors disguised as outfit and landscapes, but the object can be anything. Because the artist uses human body as the medium.

It is important to make sure that the paint is non-toxic and it does not contain any allergen. In addition to the paint, other ornaments can be added such as glitters. Fluorescent paint is often used for better visual effects. Body painting typically covers large part of the body.

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