Nothing can be even funnier than taking a dip in the pool during the burning hot Summer, if you are searching for an ideal place full of coolness and excitements to go with your whole family, we can provide a more than perfect suggestion—visiting water parks!



Location: Santa Claus, Indiana

You will certainly feel your heart stop for a ride around the world’s 2 longest water coasters, formidably dubbed Mammoth as well as Wildebeest, 2 of the prized rides which lend Splashin’ Safari its reputation. Mammoth’s distinctive six-person raft requires riders to the leading of the seven-story hill prior to starting the course of 7 drops.

Gliding down facing ahead, sideways or backward, your raft spins individually making each trip unique. Wildebeest’s outstanding track of underground tunnels, as well as drops, include to its clipping speed of 36 feet-per-second. Along with toboggan-style sleds which seat 4, Wildebeest provides a similar thrill to Mammoth.

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