Raising pets is the topic for human lives forever because humans are meant to live with their beloved pets forever and ever. Pets are cute, loyal and good at understanding what your needs are, these are the reasons why pets are so being loved by men and also under the protections of men. They are the best companions! Here are ten famous pet shows all around the world, if you are one of the pet lovers, come and join them!

  1. Global Pet Expo


Global Pet Expo, the leading industry event, is offered from the American Pet Goods Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association. The 2016 Global Pet Expo had 1,087 participants in 3,218 cubicles. Total buyer attendance was 6,170, symbolizing 76 countries.

When: March 22-24, 2017

Where: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

Why Should Go: The expo featured 1,087 exhibitors, 3,218 booths and more than 3,000 new product launches, 6, 017 of the most qualified pet product buyers in the industry attended the Show

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