From boozy sluggish waterways to celebrity studded night-swimming to sailing fiestas — we’ve curved up the 10 Best Pool Parties in the US. So get down with this list, punch on a hot Speedo, and get prepared to convert up your summer time for real.

1.Afternoon Delight


When: Once a month on summer Sundays

Why you should go: The free popsicles. Hold out, there’s more. In accessory for the frozen treats that not only help awesome down customers but also offer the perfect brace for a summertime selfie, the Standard’s Mid-day Pleasure churns out the fash0ionable seen-and-be-seen party feel on Weekend days every month. Functions like Bones and Cassian will offer the enjoyment for next month’s ragger, which will also be a party of the 10-year-anniversary of this perfect Los Angeles pool party.

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