There are more and more great events themed tattoo art because tattoos are always being considered to be one of the most popular expressions of fashion, attitudes and thoughts. Instead of using dramatic-shaped bags, bright-colored clothes, more people tend to use their natural treasures, that is to say their bodies as the stronger expression of fashion. Here are some information about the world’s tattoo shows and festivals that can bring you tons of excitements and fun, let’s see.

  1. New York Tattoo Show


The United Ink No Limits Tattoo Show – Experience tattoo tradition having a new and completely distinctive experience. United Ink is in contrast to every other tattoo convention you have noticed prior to.  Totally open to the public, the conference is really an ideal day for tattoo fanatics with entertainment like magicians as well as suspension shows, games, contests, live tattooing as well as piercing, an artist lounge, artwork exhibits, as well as a lot more!  Visit the Miss United Ink Pageant meet the hottest next tattoo include girl model to be featured in Rebel Ink Magazine.

  • When: On August 26-28, 2016
  • Where: Flight 816 at the Cradle of Aviation Museum
  • Attending Artists: Glenn Cuzen, Sarah Miller, Michele Turco, Rich Zayas, Ryan Gatt, Bobby Leach, Oleg Shepelenko, Lydia Bruno, Troy Radecki…
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