Actually, body painting art is not a new thing at all because we as human beings created this art form since thousands of years ago. As we all know, tribal societies in Africa, in Indian and in South America seeing face and body painting as part of their cultures, for this reason, they have been using it for celebration, ceremony and competitions till now. However, it is interesting and popular among numerous people who are living in modern society but we treat it as an art form rather than a culture symbol now. Let’s see how we celebrate these wonderful events all around the world themed body paintings!

  1. Body Art Key West


Body Art Key West is also known as the body painting for Fantasy Fest, it is an annual body painting event open to public themed living art, featuring in the most unique, creative and outrageous body painting designs on the island of Key West. The fest assembles many talented body painting artists include Amanda Robinson, Derek Garcia, Brandi Henderson etc.

Duration: October 21- 30, 2016

Where: Island of Key West, Florida, America

Why you should go: It allows the majority of people to come and join; all body paintings are made by water, alcohol based and non toxic colors; perhaps the most popular body paint festival currently.

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